Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Showered with Love

I had two amazing bridal showers! Thanks to the help of my mom, sisters, aunts and my moms wonderful friends! It was perfect :) The first pictures are from my shower in Mesa and the next are from Salt Lake! Jeffs sweet Aunt Linda and her daughter Kelsey gave me a fabulous shower!
Yes... that is my husband in a speedo, hot stuff I know haha...This picture is famous in Jeff's family and we played a game, Pin the Trunks on Jeff! haha I got it on my first try!

4th of July with the Allen Family

This Summer I was lucky enough to join the Allens/Wippermans on their family trip to Colter Bay. The night before we got to camp we stayed at a hotel in Jackson Hole. And one day Jeff and I took a day trip to Yellowstone! It was a blast. Nothin beats a few days with family on the lake!

The wild life was amazing and every where you would look!

Just eating right next to the street

Old Faithful!

Our cabin!

Jackson Hole

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mt. Timpanogos

One week while visiting Jeff in Utah, we decided to hike Mt. Timpanogos! We had an amazing time, it is so beautiful not only on the top but just the whole hike in general. I highly recommend it. Not gonna lie Jeff had to be my personal motivational speaker a time or two, but it was worth it. Just a few things I loved about the hike.
-Quality time with my man
-Beautiful views left and right
-Watching Jeff sprint to the nasty port-o-potty with nothin but leaves cause I used all the TP
-Eating pb and j's at the top
-Following a man with a 2 year old on his back hiking with no problem, I was amazed...
-Sliding down the snow bowl on trash bags, seriously one of the funnest things of my life
-My new camelback, thanks Jeff!
-Meeting one of my Grandpa and Grandma Stapley's missionaries


After dating for a year Jeff proposed. I knew it was coming but honestly he could not have surprised me more! He came to visit me for my birthday last April (I moved home in Feb. after graduating school to save up some money) and I was positive he wasn't going to propose because I knew the ring was being made so I thought there was just no way. But I was fine with it because the weekend was perfect! We spent a lot of time with our families and friends. I think everyone thought he was going to propose at the bbq we had for my birthday because all of our family and friends were there that night but he was totally cool when after presents and everyone was saying "don't you have a present for her Jeff?" I was completely clueless...silly me. I think he attempted a few times to propose but could never find the right time. I got Jeff really good when the night before I was asking him all these way girl questions like "so are you sure you have dated enough people...? etc..." He got pretty upset with me I was just like whoa settle down just asking... but now i know its because he just wanted to say "hello Megan I have a ring in my pocket!" haha I thought that was pretty funny. As I am sure most of you know Jeff is an avid bike rider so it was not out of the ordinary for him to go on a morning ride. He came into my room around 5:45 a.m. to say goodbye and about 45 min. later I get a phone call from him saying he had gotten a flat and if I could pick him up. So of course as happy as I could be at 6:30 in the morning I rolled out of bed...I repeat... I litterally rolled out of bed, retainers and all and went to pick him up. I got to his location which happend to be a very beautiful spot in the desert. He asked me to bring him his toolbox from the trunk and kinda like umm okay ya sure I can do that. So I just sat it down on the sidewalk and kinda slowly walked back to the car and all I hear is "Megan?" I turn around. There is my cutie in his bike outfit down on one knee holding the ring box. My hands immediately fly to my mouth followed by a giant gasp then an "oh my goodness!!" Jeff nervously mumbles something about a knight in shining armor and his white horse then quickly says "Will you marry me?" I took like 5 steps backwards into the street, nearly crying at the most adorable site I had ever seen. Collecting all my emotions of course I said YES! Hugs, tears, and a million I love yous later we arrived home to share the good news!! April 22nd, 2010, what a great day!

How We Met

One day I was told by some friends that I should go out with their friend from Salt Lake, Jeff. I always loved meeting new people and was totally up for it. I looked him up on FB and his profile picture was him backwards holding his super classy...rat tail! haha I loved it I couldn't wait to meet this Jeff guy. A few weeks later we met up at Wendy's in Provo. I was with his friends and he was down from Salt Lake so he called them and anyways it was totally planned so we could meet! I thought he was so cute and I guess you could say Jeff was umm... not very interested? I was wearing a green jacket (hello st. patricks day!) and he didn't like it. Haha sooo he didn't really try to pursue me UNTIL he saw me the 2nd time at my hair school Paul Mitchell. Apparently orange is my color and he says he knew right then and there that I was THE ONE! Still gives me butterflies :) cheesey I know but really how cute! Unforturnely for him my glow that night wasn't from the heavens... I was just in lala land because I had just started dating someone else! Sorry Jeff... but maybe it was meant to be that way?? I believe it was. Jeff started calling me and trying to make plans for dates but I just so happened to be "busy with friends" again...sorry Jeff. The reason I think it happened the way it did is because Jeff is very competitve and I think he liked knowing he had a little challenge. To make a long story short, the second that other boy was out of the picture I called Jeff up for dinner at my place and we were unsepperable ever since! He makes me feel beautiful inside and out. He is my better half. I will love him forever!