Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bijou Market Finds

Events like this remind me that Provo really is a cool place. Thanks to my good friend Christie for knowing all the cool stuff that is going on in the etsy world, she brought me along to the Bijou Market and I loved every minute of it! They had so many fun/unique finds I wanted to take the whole place home with me. Unfortunately I only have two hands and we walked there so this is what I ended up with...

Big thanks to....

April General Conference

For the last week we have had Jakers staying with us before he heads off to the MTC for his mission in Tulsa,Oklahoma! (Where Jeff was born, so cool!) If you know Jake he is always a pleasure to be around and we have had a lot of fun with him and teasing him too. We were able to attend conference this past Sunday. We ended up getting to sit in some great seats!
(not sure what is wrong with this photo)

Jeff's first time Hiking the Y!

Recently we hiked Y mountain with our besties Mike and Christie Reese and the lovely Linda! It was a beautiful day in Provo and we had to take advantage of the great weather! Baby Jane wasn't as in to it...(she was sound asleep like that the whole way!) Since it was Jeffs first time hiking it he made a point to run all the way around the big Y. Not an easy task. We hope to have more fun times like these with the Reese Fam!

Happy V-day!

This year was our first Valentines as a married couple. I tried to do my part and make him a yummy dinner but we both agree V-day is for the ladies. Jeff always makes holidays special and he gets very creative with his gifts. I wasn't expecting anything at all ;) but of course he out did him self and got me the most amazing flowers. I can't forget to mention he arranged them himself! Seriously?? So cute! On top of that he got me the cutest/coolest jewelry stand that I was in desperate need for but never mentioned. He just picked up on it! Thank you Jeffrey I will always be your Valentine!

I have to give Jeff a shout out for being such an awesome 4-Season cyclist. Wind, snow, rain, or shine Jeff rides his bike to school and work then rides for fun on top of that. He is such a cutie in all his bike gear. I wish I had a nice picture of him in his rain chaps...those babies are hawwwt! Everyone please watch the road for bikers, don't hit my husband!

Ombre Hair

So I did it! (at least for a few months) I know its super trendy but I'm a hairdresser...I can't help myslef! It was fun while it lasted but I currently have a softer less dramatic melt and I'm sure I will be returning back to my good old bright blonde hair one my skin returns to its some what peachy wanna be tan skin color. This Utah April snow is not helping me out at all...

Playing Catch Up

I have been horrible about updating so I need to get back up to speed with my life! Since my last post way back in December...
This year Jeff and I spent Christmas in Utah with The Allen's! We had lots of fun skiing, doing the family gift exchange and Breakfast at the Whipperman's house! Such a fun family!
Jeff as always was so nice and knows how much I missed my family around the holidays so we planned a trip to Arizona for new years and had a blast!

At the fanciest movie theater I have ever been to in Scottsdale!
Thanks for planning such a fun family day Mom!
We were even lucky enough to have Jeffs mom and dad join us!
Jeff made this awesome lego house for Tatum on New Years
At the Horne's for our annual New Years Eve Party!

Stapley Family Ugly Sweater Party was a big hit... Luckily for my mother-in-laws sweet collection of ugly sweaters I managed to put together the winning outfit! But I think if it were an ugly sweat pants party my dad definately would have won! He pulled those hot red pants from the 1980 never wear me again bin!
Our sad but cute little set of Christmas Trees!
Stalkings! Santa forgot to fill them but I am hoping he will remember next year :)
(also I know I am out of order but I am still learning this whole blog thing I promise to get with it!)